Lualdi is a leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality doors, interior furnishings and modular systems. Known for its commitment to great innovation and design with a strong emphasis on the technical process of construction and production, Lualdi is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luxury doors.

In turn, Lualdi quickly became known as the architect’s manufacturer of choice, early on developing projects with renowned Milanese architects such as Vico Magistretti, Ignazio Gardella, and Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Caccia Dominioni’s 1962 collaboration with Lualdi on a villa for the Pirelli family would include the first example of industrial design applied to a door through the innovative use of a high-gloss polyester finish. Caccia Dominioni’s door would go into production and remains to this day, Lualdi’s best-selling product.

Today, Lualdi is recognized as a leading manufacturer of customized solutions for both private and public spaces, from single homes and thousand-unit residential buildings to hotels, offices, banks, and retail spaces. With particular attention to the human factor, Lualdi develops modular panels, closets and door systems that transform walls into homogenous, rational, active spaces and creates environments that provide maximum flexibility to meet the contemporary demands of the paces in which we live, work, sleep, cook, connect and play.


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