Since 1994 Paola Lenti has followed a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial strategy based on research and experimentation which has led the Company to establish itself as an international reference in the world of design.

Turning the pages of a Paola Lenti catalogue is like discovering balanced and essential new design landscapes where opposites become complementary: past and present, interior and exterior, tradition and technology. 

The rugs and seating collections, both for interior and exterior environments, stand out for the materials and upholstery fabrics, conceived by Paola Lenti and produced exclusively for the Company. Each fabric originates from the best natural or synthetic yarns, to guarantee functionality and aesthetics. Rope and Aquatech yarns, the result of the Company’s continuous research and experimentation, allow for the creation of a range of solutions for the exteriors which are enduring and resistant to the atmospheric agents, sun rays, sea and swimming pool water. The fabrics for interior environments, such as felts of unique quality and performance or wools and cottons proposed in coordinated colours, offer infinite chromatic combinations.

The woods and the stones used for the structures and the tops suited for outdoor use are the result of an attentive selection which is coherent with the Company’s product philosophy. The metals, selected for their high performances, are treated to further improve their endurance.

Through experimentation, technical knowledge merges with curiosity to create fibres and yarns that allow the Company to go beyond traditional barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces. 


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